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13 Oct 10 Energy Saving Ideas to Slash Your Energy Bill This Summer

On a weekly basis the average Australian household spends $39 dollars on gas and electricity.  This amount represents anywhere from five to ten percent of the average gross weekly income of families in Australia, and a good number of households agree that it only makes good sense to find ways to bring this expenditure down. Here are 10 practical ways you can slash your energy bill this summer.

5 May May Federal budget looms – time to review your household spend

The May Federal Budget is almost here and with broad speculation surrounding reduced spending across most government areas and the likelihood of tax increases, people are bracing for some tough news.  Around this time of year many households also review their budget – looking to find ways to keep a limited income in balance with expenditure on essential and non-essential items.

The team at news.com.au has published some handy hints around making the most of your household budget, click here to read the article

One key area the team at news forgot to mention was household spend on electricity and gas.  Switchwise has for 6 years been providing an independent, no cost assessment of electricity and gas offers for customers.  Switching energy providers and/or plans is easy. Changing to a cheaper plan and saving on energy costs can make a difference to the household budget.

16 Apr UK energy price competition heats up

In the United Kingdom, an independent supplier, First Utility, has launched what it said was the country’s lowest one-year, fixed-price, gas and electricity tariff .

The combined total bill using the governments average medium consumption on the new tariff would be £994 (AU $1,800).

In the story it is claimed that households can typically save £200 (approximately A$360) a year by moving from an average tariff to the new First Utility offer.

A spokesperson for a prominent comparison website similar to Switchwise was quoted as saying:  “We are anticipating a lot of activity in the energy market over the next month with a number of fixed rate tariffs ending in the coming weeks. Because of this, thousands of people will, or should be, shopping around for a new deal.”

For the full story check out: http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/apr/15/smaller-gas-electricity-firms-price-war-cheaper-energy-bills