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Switchwise welcomes Jackgreen

We are pleased to announce that Jackgreen has joined our panel of energy suppliers. Consumers will now be able to select and switch to Jackgreen’s electricity plans directly from the Switchwise website.

So, who is Jackgreen? Jackgreen is the only electricity supplier in Australia that sells only accredited GreenPower products. Their simple objective is to help consumers reduce carbon emissions in a cost-effective manner. Jackgreen is endorsed by PlanetArk.

Jackgreen offers three accredited GreenPower plans to Australian households:

  • JackgreenPower 10 – 10% accredited GreenPower
  • JackgreenPower 50 - 50% accredited GreenPower
  • JackgreenPower 100 - 100% accredited GreenPower

In Victoria, Jackgreen offers the choice of either a 5% or 8% pay-on-time discount, the higher discount available for customers wishing to agree to a two year contract.

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