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switchwise makes it easy to switch power suppliers

When it comes to your electricity supply, you have a choice. Now, thanks to Switchwise, you are able to compare a variety of electricity providers and applying to switch power companies is quick and easy.

If you live in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia or the Australian Capital Territory you can compare a range of offers from different electricity suppliers with little effort. Try our calculator to see if you can save on your electricity bills. In many cases you could arrange to switch energy suppliers using our simple online application form.

Since the start of this century many State and Territory Governments have been opening up energy markets to competition to provide consumers and businesses in Australia with a choice of energy providers. Full Retail Competition has meant that many Australians are no longer tied to one supplier and as a result are able to enjoy benefits such as cheaper prices, better service and a wider selection of products.

In Australia, depending upon where you live, there could be many electricity suppliers competing for your custom. With Switchwise it is now possible to easily compare a range of plans from our panel of electricity suppliers in your suburb and select the one that suits your needs. Switchwise simplifies electricity supplier comparison to help you find a better deal on your home power supplies; simply enter your postcode to start your comparison.

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The Switchwise website was developed with consumers in mind to allow you to quickly and easily compare electricity providers as well as compare a range of plans available in your area. You can quickly find, understand and compare a range of available options and plans, select the one that you like and, in many cases, switch electricity providers online. By entering your postcode and answering a few simple questions about your power consumption, Switchwise will search its database of energy offers and show you a range of energy plans and how much they might be able to save you.

Once you have selected your new electricity retailer and plan, Switchwise may even be able to take care of all the paperwork required to switch power companies. Simply complete our application form in as much detail as you can and we will contact your chosen supplier and ask them to arrange for your electricity account to be transferred from your current electricity provider.

Unless you are moving house, your switch will take place following your next scheduled electricity meter read, which is usually performed each quarter. This means that it could take up to three months to switch to your new supplier and have them take over responsibility for issuing your electricity bills.

switching explained

So what actually happens when you switch suppliers?

Once you have compared and selected a new energy supplier, switching suppliers only means that you are changing the company that sends you your bills and manages your account. It does not mean you are changing any wires, meters or poles or the type, quality or reliability of the electricity supply into your home. This will remain the same no matter which electricity retailer you choose to supply your electricity.

Whilst your power supply remains the same, it is important to know that electricity suppliers offer different plans, customer service levels, pricing and payment plans, hence it is important to compare your options. Trying out Switchwise's electricity comparison calculator will help you select a new electricity provider based on your needs, whether they be price, service or environmental friendliness.

Please see our switching explained section for more information about the switching process.

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