Let there be light … on electricity providers with Switchwise’s free and independent comparison tool.

If you’re worried that you’re not currently getting the best deal for electricity, you’re in the right place. Switchwise is a free, independent service designed to inform you to make the right decision for your electricity needs.

Regulations and who can switch

Many Australians can switch electricity providers right now. As long as you live in a state that’s deregulated and you aren’t bound by a fixed-term plan (even then it’s sometimes possible to terminate early as long as there are no exit fees) you’re free to explore competitor plans.

In Australia, the electricity market differs by state between competitive (deregulated) & non-competitive (regulated) territories.

Some states offer a huge spectrum of choice around electricity suppliers while other states have a monopoly supplier resulting in no choice. The majority of residents across eastern and southern Australia can choose their electricity retailer. That includes Tasmania, which moved to full retail contestability on July 1, 2014, although this has not yet resulted in much activity from a competition point of view; Aurora Energy is currently the only retailer. Residents in regional Queensland face the same scenario, with Ergon Energy the only retailer.

If you live in one of these postcodes we’ll let you know you’re unable to choose your provider at this time.

Electricity Providers

The companies we compare are:


It is important to note, however, that Switchwise does not compare every provider and every plan in each state and territory of Australia. Also, in some cases not all plans offered by the providers on Switchwise’s panel is compared; the percentage of plans we compare varies from provider to provider and will depend on where your property is located. 

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Electricity prices, plans and deals

There are three main players involved with getting electricity to your property:

  • Generators produce the electricity from coal, sun, wind, and so forth.
  • Distributors ownthe physical equipment that delivers electricity to you and deal with things like broken pipes and downed poles.
  • Retailers buy the electricity, sell it on to you and send you your bill.

We focus on the electricity retailer – which is the part you can possibly control, the provider you deal with, and the part which won’t affect the reliability or quality of your electricity supply. We break down electricity into pricing everyone can understand and guide you through all the information electricity plans contain.

Typically, electricity is broken down into:

Usage charges – measured in kilowatt hour (kWh) based on your electricity usage. Sometimes your plan will split these into peak and off peak prices.

Supply charges – a fixed cost represented as a daily price that goes back to the distributor to help maintain the network.

We get that comparing plans, deals, prices and incentives can be tough. Heck, just reading that sentence can strike fear into the most energy-savvy of us. From the details you provide us, we can estimate your yearly energy usage which we can then use to calculate an estimate of your annual cost if you were to switch providers. To understand more about how we calculate your usage, please visit our FAQ

 We rank by price (including discounts and rebates) to ensure you get the best deal.

Based on the details that you provide us, we try to provide you with the important aspects of potential deals in an easy-to-read format, including:

  • Payment options available – how and when you will be billed
  • Tariff blocks – one rate that either rises or falls for the next part of your usage
  • Minimum contract terms and early termination fees
  • Incentives – bonuses or discounts offered to switch suppliers
  • Available renewable energy plans
  • Special terms and conditions and any other services offered

If you’re worried about losing power, don’t be. When you switch electricity suppliers, it is a transfer of the company that sells the electricity. The source remains the same; it's just you’ll likely be paying less.

How to Switch and Save with Switchwise?

We get that comparing electricity can be a daunting task, rife with figures, hidden rates and prices. But here at Switchwise we bring you all the information you need to compare energy rates and simplify the process.

You might be moving house and looking to lock in a better deal than the one you’re on; you might be settled but keen to save some money by getting on a cheaper electricity plan; you might simply be curious about the going rates; or you might want an energy company that offers renewable energy.

Switchwise is determined to finding you a great electricity deal. We collect some of the cheapest electricity prices on the market by comparing a range of energy companies and the host of plans and rates they offer.

Switchwise helps you compare electricity prices and plans in 4 easy steps. No messy paperwork and no complicated forms required. Just enter a few basic details, review your options and choose a plan and energy provider based on your current situation.

 For more information, click on your state of residence below, get started with our Switchwise calculator or call one of our friendly electricity experts today.


 *Disclaimer: All information provided was correct as of October 2015