During the day, nowhere in Australia shines brighter than Queensland. From Cairns to Brisbane, the coast sparkles with lush, pristine waters and views to die for. But at night, parts of Queensland shine a little less brightly. That’s because many electricity users are worried about the high costs of their energy bills.

If you live in southeast Queensland, you can compare electricity plans to see if you’re getting the best deal for your electricity. At Switchwise, we provide an independent and free service to QLD consumers. Our energy comparisons are designed to help you find some great electricity prices available on the market and hopefully save money on your electricity plan.  

Electricity Market in Queensland


QLD is the third largest electricity market in Australia with approximately 2 million electricity consumers1. Since 1998, Queensland has gradually introduced retail competition into the state’s electricity market, with full retail competition introduced in 20072.

This gave Queensland customers connected to the national grid the right to choose their energy retailer – should you wish to seek out more information around the electricity industry in QLD, visit the Queensland Government’s electricity website.

But while the urban centres of southeast Queensland now have numerous electricity providers to choose from, much of Queensland still does not. One subsidised retailer, Ergon Energy, generally supplies customers in rural and regional Queensland3

While competition in regional areas is limited, most Queenslanders in the southeast have access to a number of energy suppliers and a range of discounts and benefits. This can make it harder to wade through the different promotions and plans these companies use to entice you.

Who can switch?

Whether you’re moving into a new Brisbane home, or wanting to minimise your household expenses in Maroochydore it can be a good idea to compare electricity plans. With much of metropolitan and urban Queensland now boasting a competitive electricity market, having several companies vying for your business gives you even more opportunities to save! Customers in southeast Queensland can switch their electricity provider, provided they’re not locked into a binding contract. Even then you may be able to terminate early, although you may face an early termination fee. You may also wish to discover more how the gas marketing in QLD works.

Queensland Electricity Providers

The Queensland electricity market is made up of a wide range of distributors providing electricity to local electricity suppliers – see our main electricity page for more about this relationship. 

Switchwise compares the following Queensland electricity suppliers: 

It’s important to consider that Switchwise does not compare every provider and every plan in Queensland. In addition, sometimes not all plans offered by the providers on Switchwise’s panel are compared; the percentage of plans we compare varies from provider to provider and will depend on your property’s position in QLD.

Not in QLD or you’re considering moving interstate? Make sure you visit our state or territory specific electricity guides for Melbourne - VIC, Sydney - NSW, Adelaide - SA, Perth – WA and Canberra - ACT.


Electricity Prices, Plans & Deals

It can be mind-numbing work combing through Australia’s third largest electricity market for a deal that works for you, especially with the numbers of deal, prices and incentives on offer.

To make it easier, Switchwise estimates your annual cost of energy usage and compares it with your potential annual cost through some of the plans available through our different partner suppliers. If you want to learn more, check out our FAQs page.

 Typically, electricity is broken down into:

Usage charges – measured in kilowatt hour (kWh) based on your electricity usage. Sometimes your plan will split these into peak and off peak prices.

Supply charges – a fixed cost represented as a daily price that goes back to the distributor to help maintain the network.

We understand that comparing all the plans, deals, prices and incentives can be difficult. That’s why we consider the whole picture and cater our results to match your given requirements.

We organise your Queensland electricity comparisons according to  price (including discounts and rebates) so the best deals are most visible.

You can also filter for options including no exist fee plans (if available); all key aspects of the deal are laid out in an easy-to-read format, including: 

  • Payment options available – how and when you will be billed
  • Tariff blocks – one rate that either rises or falls for the next part of your usage
  • Minimum contract terms and early termination fees
  • Incentives – bonuses or discounts offered to switch suppliers
  • Available renewable energy plans
  • Special terms and conditions and any other services offered

Don’t fret about losing power when you’re changing Queensland electricity suppliers. While your electricity source remains the same, your bills might be vastly different. 

How to Switch & Save

It only takes a few simple steps to start enjoying the rewards. Switchwise puts the effort into trying to bring you the best Queensland electricity plans based on your needs. We also help you switch over, should you find a better deal.

We’re all about trying to make electricity a simple part of your life. With us, you can easily compare some of  Queensland’s electricity plans. You might even find the one that helps you save. 

Find out more by visiting our FAQ section. Or if you’re ready to find a better deal on electricity, use our comparison tool or simply contact our team of energy enthusiasts today!