Canberra, the capital and beating heart of Australia, is home to more than just the national government. In fact, the Australian Capital Territory is rich in beautiful landscapes, sweeping views and a history dating back over 20,000 years.

With the Great Dividing Range to the east and Australian Alps to the west, ACT is a nature lover’s dream; over half the territory is preserved as parks and reserves.

Whether you live in Canberra or the greater ACT region, you may well be worried that you’re not currently getting the best deal for electricity. Whilst competition in the ACT is not at the same level as say in Victoria, it is still worth checking to see if there is a better plan available.

Good thing Switchwise is an independent, free and simple service designed to compare a number of plans available in the ACT market so you can check to see if Switchwise can help you save some money!

The ACT is one of the smallest electricity markets in Australia with about 300,000 residential customers. One distributor ActewAGL (owned equally by ACTEW Corp. and SPI Assets Pty Ltd) looks after the ACT electricity supply.

The ACT Government sets the maximum prices that can be charged by retailers – to understand more about the regulations that sit around electricity pricing in the ACT, take a look at the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) website.

Our main electricity page can help you learn more about this relationship between distributors and retailers.

Despite this regulation, strong competition still exists between the three electricity providers the ACT has. Switchwise compares these main energy providers in Canberra and the greater ACT for you. The selection of electricity companies (as of July 2015) is:

  • ActewAGL
  • Energy Australia
  • Origin Energy

Who can switch?

Canberra’s electricity market can make it hard to wade through the different promotions and plans these electricity companies use to entice you.

But most residents in ACT, urban or rural, can compare electricity providers with Switchwise and work out whether they could be getting a better deal. Simply enter your postcode to find out if our service applies to you!  If you’re planning to move interstate or you’re just curious, check out our state-by-state electricity guides for electricity in Melbourne - VIC, Sydney - NSW, Adelaide - SA and Brisbane - QLD here.


Electricity Prices, Plans & Deals

So whether you’re moving into a lovely Canberra home, looking to reduce your household expenses or motivated to make a green change around the Namadgi National Park area, it’s a good idea to compare electricity plans. We break down electricity into pricing everyone can understand and guide you through all the information that electricity plans contain.

 Typically, electricity is broken down into:

Usage charges – measured in kilowatt hour (kWh) based on your electricity usage. Sometimes your plan will split these into peak and off peak prices.

Supply charges – a fixed cost represented as a daily price that goes back to the distributor to help maintain the network.

We get that comparing plans, deals, prices and incentives can be a headache.  From the details you provide us, we can estimate your yearly energy usage which we can then use to calculate an estimate of your annual cost if you were to switch providers. To understand more about how we calculate your usage, please visit our FAQ.

We rank by price (including discounts and rebates) to ensure you get the best deal.

Based on the details you provide us, we try to provide you with the important aspects of potential deals in an easy-to-read format, including:

  • Payment options available – how and when you will be billed
  • Tariff blocks – one rate that either rises or falls for the next part of your usage
  • Minimum contract terms and early termination fees
  • Incentives – bonuses or discounts offered to switch suppliers
  • Available renewable energy plans
  • Special terms and conditions and any other services offered

When you switch electricity suppliers, it’s simply a transfer of the company that sells the electricity to your house. The source of electricity remains the same; you could just be paying less.

How to Switch & Save

With Switchwise, you can save on your electricity bill in a few simple steps. We do the hard work by finding the right plan for you and switching you over.

As we’ve said, we simplify electricity into layman’s terms so you can easily compare all of ACT’s electricity plans and find the one that works for you. We condense complex pricing, products and your needs into a simple comparison formula.

All you have to do is enter your postcode into our calculator, answer a few simple questions and see the potential savings pop up on screen.

Find out more by visiting our FAQ section. Or if you’re ready to find a better deal on electricity, use our comparison tool or simply contact our team of energy enthusiasts today!