Whether you live in Canberra or the greater ACT region, you are probably unsure if you’re getting the best deal for your electricity. While competition in the ACT’s electricity sector may be relatively limited1, it could still be worth seeing whether you can find another plan that might help save you money.

Switchwise offers an independent and free service available to ACT households. Our energy comparisons are designed to hopefully help you save money on your electricity plan

Electricity Market in Canberra


The ACT is one of the smallest electricity markets in Australia, but in recent years, there has been a growing level of competition throughout the territory, with new retailers entering the market2.

Due to the lack of effective competition, the ACT Government continues to regulate the price of electricity in the small customer retail electricity market3. Whilst this means you may not have as much choice as, for example, a Victorian, you may still be able to switch to a better electricity plan.

 If you would like to understand more about the regulations that sit around electricity pricing in the ACT, we would suggest having a look at the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission website.

The ACT has one of the highest rates of customer satisfaction and the lowest level of complaints in the country2. Are you one of the territory’s happy electricity customers or are you looking to make a change?

Who can switch?

So whether you’re moving into a lovely Canberra home, looking to reduce your household expenses or motivated to make a green change around the Namadgi National Park area, it can be a good idea to compare electricity plans.

Most residents in ACT, urban or rural, can compare electricity providers with Switchwise and work out whether they could be getting a better deal. Just keep in mind that if you’re locked into a contract, you may face early termination fees if you’re ending your contract prematurely. You may also want to read up on the gas market in the ACT.

ACT Electricity Providers

Switchwise tries to help you to hopefully find a better deal by comparing the following ACT electricity suppliers: 

It is important to note, however, that Switchwise does not compare every provider and plan in the ACT. At this time, for example, Switchwise does not currently do comparisons for Energy Australia in the ACT. Also, in some cases not all products offered by our partner companies are compared. The percentage of products available to you varies from supplier to supplier and will depend on where your property is situated.

Electricity Prices, Plans & Deals

We understand how confusing comparing plans, deals and prices can be. So we estimate your yearly energy usage based on the details you give us and then estimate an annual cost if you were to switch electricity suppliers. If you want to know more about how we make these calculations, please visit our FAQs.

Typically, electricity is broken down into:

Usage charges – measured in kilowatt hour (kWh) based on your electricity usage. Sometimes your plan will split these into peak and off peak prices.

Supply charges – a fixed cost represented as a daily price that goes back to the distributor to help maintain the network.

We get that comparing plans, deals, prices and incentives can be a headache.  From the details you provide us, we can estimate your yearly energy usage which we can then use to calculate an estimate of your annual cost if you were to switch providers. To understand more about how we calculate your usage, please visit our FAQ.

We organise your electricity plan comparisons  according to price (including discounts and rebates) so any potential savings are clear.

 You can also filter for options including no exist fee plans (if available); all key aspects of the deal are laid out in an easy-to-read format, including:

  • Payment options available – how and when you will be billed
  • Tariff blocks – one rate that either rises or falls for the next part of your usage
  • Minimum contract terms and early termination fees
  • Incentives – bonuses or discounts offered to switch suppliers
  • Available renewable energy plans
  • Special terms and conditions and any other services offered

There’s no need to be concerned about losing power either. When you make the switch, you’re transferring to a new ACT electricity supplier. While the source may remain the same, you could be paying less.

How to Switch & Save

It only takes a few simple steps to potentially save on your electricity bill with Switchwise. We try to find the right plan for you so all you need to do is commit to the change if you find a cheaper deal. We even help you through the switching process.

Our aim is to try to simplify comparing and switching between ACT electricity plans. We will provide you a list of electricity plans offered by our ACT partner retailers so you can see the comparisons side-by-side. We reduce the chaos of different pricing, products and needs into a basic comparison formula. 

We’re about making it easier for you. All you need to do is type your postcode into our calculator and answer some simple questions. We take it from there, compiling the comparisons and presenting them so you can easily see any potential savings pop up on your screen.

If you’re looking to potentially enjoy greater savings on your electricity plan, use our comparison tool or simply contact our team today!


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