Switchwise brings together pricing across a range of electricity products.

Market contracts

In the majority of Australian electricity markets the industry is deregulated which means residents have access to a number of competing offers from a range of retailers. If you've never switched before you will be on what is called a 'deemed contract’, which incurs the standard cost set by your state government body.

If you have switched you will be on what is called a 'Market Contract.' This means that you have explored the options that a competitive retail market offers. Switchwise gives you the tools to constantly compare what you are currently paying against other competitors. With the cost of living always on the rise, it makes sense to keep an eye on what you’re paying for those services that we all need.

Renewable energy prices

While coal is an abundant resource in Australia currently, it is not something that is going to be around forever. Luckily, Australia is also a country that is exposed to natural resources more so than other countries in the world. Australians are slowly embracing renewable energy sources however the main barriers to its widespread use lie in the fact that it is costly to produce and thus it is more expensive to use.

While the costs may be higher, the future of renewable energy looks bright and science is making solar, wind, hydro and biomass energy sources more efficient with each passing day. When you decide to change provider you will be presented with standard electricity supply options as well as renewable, while the costs are slightly higher, it is an investment in the future. Some providers, such as Powershop, offer 100% renewable energy as standard.

GreenPower pricing

GreenPower is an accreditation program that ensures the energy suppliers that operate across Australia uphold standards. There are 6 levels of accreditation represented by percentages ranging from 10 to 100%. The percentage represents the amount of energy your supplier must purchase from accredited renewable energy sources.

GreenPower is making sure energy suppliers make the effort to increase the amount of environmentally friendly renewable energy available to Australians. If you'd like to understand more about this program head to the GreenPower website.