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Australia has abundant natural resources and a sophisticated and competitive electricity industry. This means that in comparison with other developed countries electricity is significantly cheaper in Australia. However, whilst electricity is essential to our daily lives we probably use far more of it than we should.

Despite Australia's relatively cheap electricity prices, they have been rising rapidly over the past few years, so there is still likely to be an opportunity for many households to save significant amounts on electricity bills in two ways: firstly, you might be able to find cheaper electricity prices and secondly, you could follow our tips for reducing the amount of electricity you use at home.

finding a better electricity deal

There is more to choosing and switching electricity suppliers than just finding cheap electricity prices. In addition to pricing information, Switchwise shows you the terms and conditions, discounts and benefits and payment options across the range of electricity plans offered by our panel of suppliers. You might be looking for a new provider offering better customer service or you might want a better deal on green energy or simply wish to consolidate suppliers for both your gas and electricity supply.

electricity savings

You could make savings in two ways with Switchwise - cost savings and environmental savings.

Cost savings from switching your supplier could really add up - the more energy you consume at home the greater the potential savings from switching. As prices and discounts can vary across suppliers switching is the smart way to realise savings on your electricity bills. This level of savings could make a significant contribution to keeping your family budget under control, especially important in these challenging economic times.

Environmental savings can also be made by switching to a plan where electricity is sourced from renewable energy. Alternatively, you might already have a green electricity plan but want to see if you could upgrade to a greener one without spending more. Cheap electricity may not always be the main motivator for switching, so to help you see the full range of benefits, where applicable Switchwise provides the GreenPower rating for each electricity plan displayed in our search results. The green rating shows the proportion of electricity that is generated from GreenPower accredited renewable energy sources. Plans are classified as either 10%, 20%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% Green Power. Over 750,000 Australian households have signed up to GreenPower plans, making a positive contribution to reducing our country's carbon emissions.

Australia is currently among the top three developed countries in terms of our reliance on coal for energy due to coal's ability to generate cheap electricity. More than 80% of our electricity is supplied through the burning of fossil fuels, which is a polluting and non-renewable fuel. Just 8% of the country's electricity comes from renewable sources such as hydro, solar and wind energy. However, renewable energy prices will drop over time as generation technologies improve and demand from electricity consumers increases.