Company Overview

Dodo Power & Gas is a growing energy company supplying gas and electricity to homes and businesses across Australia (1). Dodo began as Dodo Electricity in Victoria back in June 2010. Today, it has expanded into New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and the ACT and has begun supplying gas to Victorians (1). Dodo’s mission is to offer competitive pricing options for all Australians, enabling them to choose potentially better rates for their gas and electricity supply(1). Its future aims include eventually providing electricity and gas throughout south-eastern Australian.

Dodo Power & Gas has partnered with Switchwise to offer you a number of the plans they provide. Please note we may not compare all plans Dodo Power & Gas has to offer. Instead we compare online those plans Dodo wishes to offer through Switchwise. The percentage of Dodo plans we compare can also change depending on your location.


Dodo Power & Gas is presently part of the M2 Group, a provider of telecommunications and utility services (2). The M2 Group bought the company in 2013 for $204 million (3). Dodo is one of the segments that makes up a large majority of M2 Group’s revenue (as of June 2014) (2).

Dodo Power & Gas Rates

Dodo Power & Gas aims at providing Australians great value for money (1), offering competitive energy plans, depending on where you live. Geography and distribution channels may affect supply charges and consumption rates.

If you want to find out existing rates for your area, use the Switchwise energy comparison tool. This tool may show up any search results for Dodo Power & Gas if they operate in your area. These results may highlight some of the main details of Dodo’s available plan(s), including usage, supply charges and a simple annual estimated cost figure.

Switching to Dodo Power & Gas with Switchwise

Dodo Power & Gas is one of our energy partners, which means you can switch to them with Switchwise. Just enter your postcode into our comparison tool on the home page to see if they supply energy in your area.

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*Disclaimer: All information provided in this post was correct as of January 2016