Compare Gas Suppliers

Switchwise was born out of the need to uncomplicate the task of switching to a better deal. Australia has abundant natural gas supplies, which are used domestically and internationally. Due to the size of the industry the price variations that occur between retailers can make the process of finding the cheapest and more suitable option for your home can be tedious. That is where Switchwise comes into play; we compare a number of gas retailers and you just make a choice from our panel if one of our gas suppliers suits you best.

Deregulating the Industry

Many state governments have deregulated their energy industries, which allows consumers access to cheaper gas, as there is a competitive retail marketplace. As a result there are many different retailers to choose from offering competing levels of service, prices and better environmental benefits.

Natural Gas Usage

Gas is one of the most affordable and useful resources to have around the home. It makes cooking, heating water and warming the house much cheaper than if you were to use the electrical options for the same tasks.

Why Choose Gas?

The biggest advantage with natural gas is the small environmental impact that it has over other energy sources. Natural gas does release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere but nowhere near as much as coal and oil do. Gas is also becoming a viable alternative for electricity generation and powering public transport.