Australia has abundant natural gas supplies1. If you are lucky enough to live in a home with access to mains gas, you’ll likely know that finding the best gas deal for your home can be confusing.

That’s where Switchwise comes into play. We offer a free and independent comparison service that tries to help provide you with a variety of options based on your gas needs. You just make a choice on which suits you best.

Gas Market

Regulations and who can switch

Many state governments have deregulated their energy industries, which allows consumers access to cheaper gas through a competitive retail marketplace. This has sometimes resulted in numerous retailers offering competing levels of service and prices.

The gas market in Australia differs by state between competitive (deregulated) & non-competitive (regulated) territories. As long as you live in a deregulated state (most states and territories other than Tasmania and the Northern Territory) and you aren’t bound by a fixed-term plan, you’re free to explore competitor plans. Even if you have a binding contract, you may be able to terminate early. You might just have to pay an early exit fee.

If you want to find out whether you can choose between suppliers, enter your postcode into our comparison tool.

Gas providers

Here at Switchwise, we compare the following  gas suppliers:


Alinta Energy


Origin Energy

It is important to  note, however, that we are not able to compare every gas supplier or plan across Australia. In some cases, we cannot always compare all plans offered by our partner suppliers. The percentage we compare varies between providers and also depends on where your property is located.

Gas Prices, Plans and Deals

As with electricity, Australia’s gas network can be divided up into distributors and suppliers. The distributors own the gas pipelines and supply gas to meet household needs. In comparison, gas suppliers (also called gas retailers) are responsible for selling it to consumers.

Switchwise focuses on the gas supplier, which is the component you may be able to control.

Sifting through plans, deals, prices and incentives is a tricky proposition. That’s why we’ve devised our Switchwise calculator to consider a range of plans offered by our partner suppliers  to try to tailor the results to match your given requirements.

We rank our findings by price (including discounts and rebates) so you can easily see the best deal available through Switchwise.

Based on the details that you provide us, we try to provide you with the important aspects of potential deals in an easy-to-read format, including:

  • Payment options available – how and when you will be billed
  • Tariff blocks – one rate that either rises or falls for the next part of your usage
  • Minimum contract terms and early termination fees
  • Incentives – bonuses or discounts offered to switch suppliers
  • Special terms and conditions and any other services offered

How to Switch and Save with Switchwise

It’s understandable that you may be overwhelmed with your options for various gas plans.

No matter if you’re moving house, looking to lock in a better deal than the one you’re on, keen to save some money on a cheaper gas plan, or simply curious about the going rates, we might be able to help.

Here at Switchwise we’re determined to try to find you great gas prices.

Switchwise helps you compare gas prices and plans in 4 easy steps. No messy paperwork, no pushy salesmen and no complicated forms should be required. Just enter a few basic details, review your options and you could find a better plan and gas provider based on your current situation.

Get started with our Switchwise calculator or call one of our friendly gas experts today.

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*Disclaimer: All information provided was correct as of October 2015