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kleenheat gas

kleenheat gas

  company overview

Kleenheat Gas is a major distributor and retailer of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Australia. Their customers include residential, commercial and industrial clients. Kleenheat operates a retail network of stores called Kleenheat Gas House where consumers can purchase LPG gas cylinders to fuel their BBQ, cooking or water and space heating equipment.

In March 2013 Kleenheat Gas entered the WA natural gas market as a retailer to WA households and businesses. This is a milestone for Western Australians as, for the first time, they now have a choice of mains gas retailer. Kleenheat Gas will be able to supply residential, small business, commercial and industrial customers from Geraldton to Busselton connected to the Mid-West/South-West main distribution system that takes gas from the Dampier to Bunbury pipeline.

For customers not connected to the mains gas network LPG is a great option for households that want to enjoy the benefits of gas (e.g. instant heat, lower running costs). Kleenheat currently supplies LPG to over 200,000 homes across Australia.

Kleenheat Gas is part of Wesfarmers Energy, a subsidiary of Wesfarmers Limited, which is one of Australia's largest public companies with diverse interests including retailing (Coles, Target, Kmart), insurance (OAMPS, Lumley), chemicals and mining.

  can you switch to kleenheat gas with switchwise?

You can use Switchwise to compare Kleenheat pricing across a selection of Electricity and Gas plans, however, you will need to contact Kleenheat directly to arrange connection. Note that Switchwise does not compare LPG prices or suppliers.

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For more information about Kleenheat Gas and their residential gas products please visit their website.

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