Moving House

There are so many things to think about when you’re moving house, that it can be easy for something to fall off the list. Alongside physically preparing for the move, you may also need to notify a number of organisations about your change of address.

It may a good idea to have a Change of Address checklist, including a full list of all the organisations and companies that may need to know about your move. 

Who to notify when changing address in Australia 

Among others, here is a compilation of some of the main organisations and authorities you may need to make aware of your new address: 

Insurance companies

  • Home and contents insurance company
  • Car insurance company
  • Life insurance company
  • Health insurance provider

Vehicle companies, organisations and authorities 

Utilities companies

Financial companies and authorities

  • Banks and credit card companies
  • Stockbrokers and fund managers
  • Mortgage and personal loan providers
  • Superannuation funds
  • Australian Tax Office 

Medical organisations, companies and authorities

Subscriptions and memberships

  • Gym membership
  • Loyalty and reward programmes (such as for airlines, supermarkets, shops, and so forth)
  • Magazine and newspaper subscriptions and catalogues
  • Memberships, clubs and associations
  • Charities 

Other government organisations

What Services Can Help? 

There are plenty of moving services out there trying to give you a helping hand. Professional services may help take the load off during a hectic time. 

Have you thought about enlisting the help of these professionals? 

  • Packers and unpackers
  • Residential and Corporate Removalists
  • Pet Relocators
  • Corporation relocators
  • Retirement movers
  • Cleaners
  • Babysitters/nannies

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All information provided was correct as of March 2016.

*Switchwise does not compare every energy provider and every deal in Australia. In addition, sometimes not all plans that our energy partners offer are compared; the percentage of plans we are able to compare varies among energy providers and also depends on your property location.