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change of address

who to notify of your change of address

We have compiled below a list of the many organisations that you might deal with and that you should notify of your new address as soon as possible:

  • Home & contents insurance company
  • Car insurance company
  • Roadside assitance company
  • Life insurance company
  • Mobile & fixed line phone companies
  • Banks & credit card companies
  • Stockbrokers & fund managers
  • Mortgage & peronsal loan providers
  • Superannuation funds
  • Car registration & drivers licence
  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Australian Tax Office
  • Medicare & Child Immunisation Register
  • Health insurance provider
  • Medical professionals (doctors, dentists, vets, etc)
  • Electricity & gas suppliers (Switchwise!)
  • Water company
  • Internet service provider
  • Pay TV company
  • Local council
  • Library
  • Video library
  • Ambulance subscription
  • Charities
  • Toll road operators
  • Loyalty and reward programmes (airlines, shops, etc)
  • Magazine & newspaper subscriptions & catalogues
  • Memberships, clubs and associations
  • Schools or child care providers
  • Cleaners

To give yourself more time to contact all these organisations and to ensure that you donít forget any, we recommend arranging for your mail to be redirected for at least 3 months. This service is provided by Australia Post.

To find out more information about Australia Postís Mail Redirection Service visit your local post office or the Australia Post website.